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A Toronto Based SEO Company With Trusted Clients All Over North America

A Toronto SEO company who understands that every changing aspect of Search Engine Optimization; the art and science of increasing your organic placement on the major search engines. Using proprietary methods. Meizon Solutions, an Toronto based expert SEO company, will raise your positioning for your predetermined top relevant keywords. Search engine optimization will improve the quality of traffic generated from search engines to your website, increasing sales and improving your bottom line.


Work with a Toronto Web/SEO company that understands SEO changes. Search Engines continuously update their algorithms to ensure the most relevant websites rank high for relevant search terms. Our custom SEO campaigns and hands on approach to SEO ensures you’re optimized and maintain high rankings.
Search Engine Marketing is arguably one of the best ways to grow your presence on the internet today. For SEO to be effective, it is important to understand how it works, what you need and who your target audience is. Keywords are really the juice that gives your business its identity and sustains that business. The search business has evolved a lot over the past decades; what worked just a couple of years ago doesn’t now. While Google, the undisputed leader, dictates what works and what doesn’t, user input is as important.
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Frequently Asked Question

How long does SEO take?

To answer this question, many key factors have to be considered such as previous work that was done by another agency on your website & doing a compettive anaylsis report. General estimated timeframe for a new website is around 6 months to see the ball rolling.

Do I need to sign a commitment contract?

We do not believe in locking clients into contracts. We have great confidence in our abilities to deliver quality through our proven track record. Our clients pay as they go on a monthly basis.

Do you provide PPC services?

Yes, our PPC specialist will advise & strategize your PPC campaign. We do not charge by the % of your budget, we charge a flat fee no matter how high your budget is.

Do I have to spend a lot on SEO?

There is no right or wrong answer, depending on your budget. If you decide to get the highest tier package, you will get the highest results. That being said, you can still start off with the lowest package and as you generate revenue, reinvest into a higher SEO package through the profits you have made.

Are You Still Wondering If You Should Invest In SEO?

The answer varies depending on which industry you operate in, if users are searching for your products or services online, how long potentially you would need to rank high on relevant keywords, etc. We advise you to have a chat with one of our SEO experts that will give you sound advice based on data. Our experts have many years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and if your business could benefit from SEO, then we guarantee you that we will obtain top ranking for your website on Search Engines. Our SEO experts are specialized in Technical optimization, On-page optimization, and Off-page optimization.