Law Firm Law Firm DELIVERABLES: – WEB DESIGN PROJECT INFO This law firm approached our team seeking assistance in developing a website that could represent their services and values effectively to potential clients. In addition to creating an aesthetically pleasing website, our team optimized the website both on and off-site to ensure that it was easily … Read more

Medical Aesthetics Clinic medical aesthetics training DELIVERABLES: – WEB DESIGN PROJECT INFO After several years of experience in the healthcare industry, this experienced Nurse Practitioner and Advanced Trainer in Canada decided to launch her own business. She approached us to help her create a professional website that would showcase her expertise, services, and availability. Our team developed … Read more

Wellness & Rehab Clinic Wellness & Rehab Clinic DELIVERABLES: – WEB DESIGN PROJECT INFO Our partnership with a wellness centre aimed to enhance their brand’s aesthetic and online presence. Our development team focused on improving the WordPress backend, while our SEO specialists worked on content organization and optimization to increase website traffic and capture valuable leads. Our approach … Read more

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Medical Aesthetics Clinic Medical Aesthetics Clinic DELIVERABLES: – WEB DESIGN PROJECT INFO To help this company stand out in the competitive medical cosmetics industry, we concentrated on enhancing their content organization and search engine optimization. Our strategy successfully drove more traffic to their website and captured valuable leads for the client. Through the development of a solid … Read more

Wellness & Rehab Center Wellness & Rehab Center DELIVERABLES: – WEB DESIGN – seo PROJECT INFO Our collaboration with a wellness center aimed at enhancing their brand’s aesthetic involved our development team focusing on revamping the WordPress backend. With the aim of achieving both quick wins and long-term success, Meizon Solutions’ efforts began with our SEO specialists identifying … Read more